Deployed Projects


- An e-commerce site focused on selling used outdoor clothing and technical gear. User ability to login, upload gear for sale and communicate with possible buyers via email. Python and Django based application with a React frontend. Multiple microservices, API calls inside out outside of application. Utilized Google and OpenWeather API call as well as image hosting on AWE S3.

isella1 isella2 isella3


- An activity tracking application for river floats and trips, for personal or professional use. Python and Django based application with an HTML frontend. Monolith design with user authentication via Django LoginRequiredMixin. Users login needed to create, edit, delete trips. Resources links provided along with food and gear list.

rivertrip1 rivertrip2 rivertrip3

Other Projects


- Auto sales application using Python, Django and React. User ability to add vehicle, employee, customer and sales details. Poller employed to obtain inventory data from database (Docker). Backend utilized ForeignKeys to relate models for additional functionality, as well as use of Encoders. This was a team project of 2 engineers (my responsibility was the Sales, Customer and Employee models) with the frontend being powered by React. Additional features were added once course requirements we met, including React Confetti.

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